RC Helicopter Guide

A Guide To Flying RC Helicopters

A Guide To Learning The Best Way To Fly Remote-Control Helicopters

Finding out Just How To Fly

Fly your chopper is just not quite as straightforward as it seems. We have all seen the aviators when were entrants and thought that seems simple. Then you attempt it on your own remote-control helicopter and learn to your own defeat, that it’s not simple after all. Follow these guidelines and hopefully you’ll be up-in-the-air as well as in control right away.

Before we start, it’s traditional here at heliguy for other aviators to discuss their Learning Experiences Of Flying. These are excellent tips for all entrants and we suggest that you just read them also.

Simulator First

Following these guidelines when utilizing a simulator will boost your performance in actual life.
My real flying hints are derived from the thought that you have in reality used a simulator and have familiarized your self using the characteristics of rc flight.

There are lots of surprising things you may encounter if you don’t have a simulator which are not listed here. I can’t stress the usefulness of a simulator enough. You may think they’re pricey, at 160 to 230 dollars, but I guarantee you they will save you that much in components as well as time learning how you can fly.

The simulator isn’t a game. Any time you crash could really end up costing you hundreds of dollars. Yes, it’s going to occur and it is interesting some times to find out what you’ll be able to make it do, but don’t get into the habit of viewing the chopper fly into the floor. Fight it to the end and try and regain as tough as you would if a lot of dollars were driving on it. You are trying to form GREAT habits here, not awful ones.

Don’t allow the chopper hit you! This is a habit you undoubtedly wish to avoid.

Don’t allow that chopper get too much away. Even when you think it is overly challenging to find out just because it is on a computer display does not mean it is any simpler to keep it near in real life. This is definitely something to work with.

Work with this.

OK, in order to make it land where-ever you would like to, can you make it land pointing any way you need it to? Work on this too.

Strive flying with the trims marginally off center.

Fix the trimmings at random and get used to it, then do it all over again.

Move all of the sticks constantly all around the area before the chopper is in a perilous position… then level it outside as quickly as possible.

Turn the wind around 10 miles per hour and duplicate all the preceding.

Turn the turbulence around 10 miles per hour and duplicate all the preceding.

Practice flying from left to right-back and forth, afterward practice traveling in and outside without hitting or traveling over your self.

The automobile turnings in CSM are way-way way too simple. Don’t rely on the practice to help you in an actual occasion. To help you get near to the issue of a real vehicle rotation, get into whichever settings display has “blade drag ratio” and double it.

Experiment, if you’ven’t previously, with loops and rolls. You Are able to attempt the actual thing!

More sophisticated sim practice

For those who have CSM, turn all the colors of the product to pure black. This may simulate the usual lighting states you fly in for actual when the chopper just turns into a silhouette. That Is designed to disorient you because it’ll be difficult to tell when the chopper is banking away or towards you etc. This happens in real life so that you need to practice because of it.

Only utilize the collective.

Try And land in this manner. Reverse the direction of the rudder, when you get proficient at it. When you’re great at this, land while slowly pirouetting.

Turn the gyro gain station on your tx as low as it could go. This will cause you to control that tail!
Practice traveling about and hovering inverted inverted.

Practice flying about backwards slowly. This is very difficult.

Practice flying about backwards while inverted. Yikes.

The Genuine McCoy

You will be much better off in case of a crisis and learn faster too.

Place big training equipment in your heli.

Have someone check the linkages, reversing, and test fly if feasible.

Practice doing small hops up to 6 inches, watching how a chopper is cut. Air if you aren’t quite don’t correct your trim in the confident Straying to the left (in US choppers) is ordinary and results in the tail rotor thrust that you can compensate for by setting a really-extremely minimal right bank in only after take off, but this is different than tossing. If your chopper banks, yaws or pitches by itself you have to compensate with trim.

Practice hovering from 6 inches to at least one foot. Be prepared for gusts: wind will increase the effectiveness of your rotary wings and make your chopper climb rapidly. Don’t over react and slam it into the ground. Slowly lower the collective and slowly bring it back down. Be prepared for the chopper to descend more quickly as well as the wind to stop. Again, do not overreact and send it launching into the skies. Simply take it simple and whether or not it gets “on best of you” do not touch anything but just a little forward cyclic for one or two seconds. Eventually it’s going to fly out before you, level off and use back cyclic as-needed to stop, then level off again.

Fix gyro as-needed to prevent wagging or tail rocking when you correct power.

Practice hovering out of ground effect. At least 3 feet up, and hold it steady, the wind is really going to alter the height only at that level.

Get employed to how reactive the collective is. You want to get used to MAYBE NOT over-correcting using the left stick. Get employed to merely lowering the collective 1/4 manner down or so.

Practice walking the heli around. Follow in a safe distance behind it and make it go areas slowly. Be careful never to step in just about any holes.

Practice turning the heli a tiny bit to the right and left. Get used to the perspective in actual life. The sim experience merely helps.

Practice traveling the heli outside and again (tail in equally ways).

Practice a small side to side slow-traveling.

Practice doing left / right turns in front of you while traveling back and forth. Basically, just fly the chopper sideways to the left and right, in front of you, then start adding rudder so instead of traveling sideways again and forth, the nose leads the change a tiny. The chopper will never turn with JUST the rudder or ONLY the cyclic. You have to use both exactly the same time.

Practice turning the heli in your direction a bit more.

Practice doing small, quite slow, circles. This Can Be challenging.

Flying left to correct now is easier than traveling in and outside. Begin doing this.

Don’t fly together with the sun near the horizon. It gets difficult to see the elevation.
Don’t force it back down, lower the collective a small bit at a time. Increase the collective slow at first, in case it begins to sink rapidly and slowly lift it faster until it quits falling. Star t lowering it again and do a gradual, controlled descent. The chopper will pull itself into the floor and also should you descend to instantly you may enter your own down wash and need considerable collective to compensate. This Is Really a poor shape.

Practice doing a small bigger circuits but keep the pace down.

Your able to consider the training equipment off. They Are slowing you down and you’re likely developing bad habits by utilizing them for visible discriminative stimulus.

After you consider the training equipment off, start all over again, since it is far more reactive now and substantially more difficult to see, however, it’s going to fly much far better.

Practice subtle 180 stalls and amount-8′s.

Practice slowing down and heading faster.

Practice transitioning from fast-forward flight to landing.

Exercise in a little more wind… wind actually makes a 30 size jump around, be at the the top of it!
Practice controlled flight. Strive To make the helicopter go just where you want it to. Take more ability of the sticks.

Practice “infant-cars” where you strike the accelerator hold at three or four feet to deliver the engine to idle. The helicopter will drop suddenly, but don’t around respond and pop it up to the skies or you also’ll use up all your momentum and it’ll actually drop like a rock. It might be better simply to let it land itself in case you’re uncertain about just how much collective. Start with a small and work your way up and make an effort to use up most of the blade speed touching down at the final second.

Practice performing nose-in landing approaches and hovering at numerous aspects
Practice “fraudulent-cars” where you don’t use the accelerator hold whatsoever, simply bring it in as rapid and hot as possible together with the collective as low as you can, to model a crisis decent. Halt the helicopter at 8 feet up in a hover and do it some more.

You must have enough rpm in a hover to softly touch down from a 6foot electricity decrease.

You’re prepared to try a whole automobile. Auto rotating in 10 to 20 mph wind is the simplest because forward rate makes the blades raise better. Start your car with electricity and get 15mph of forward rate, hit the hold switch and keep the nose down 15 degrees and also the collective so the blades have -2 or -3 levels in them. When you really have too much negative you’ll actually free rotor rate. Bring it in with as small cyclic and collective change as you can. As you get to 15 feet, gradually pull back on the elevator to slow down your forward rate. As it’s possible to fall from your decline in forward rate gradually feed in collective like you did from your 6foot infant -automobile and you also understand the remainder. Note: It’s safer to land with also much forward rate than to land on the tail, the helicopter will harmlessly slip like a plane on skies with extra forward rate.

Moving forward

Before moving to spins and loops you should switch some parts outside for higher performance parts
Servo upgrades are significant for the tail rotor and collective. I urge Futaba 9202 or equivalent for all these high strain servos.

K&S Paddles that are about half the mass and a bit more area will double or triple the cyclic response on the regular nexus.

Regrettably, the K&S paddles make the helicopter wish to pitch up in forward flight so you’ll need to improve your idle up rpm to around 1-900 RPM. These paddles may also make the helicopter very difficult to cut perfectly, as well as the trim will float during flight, in order that should you cut it in the very beginning of your flight when you’re done you may be pulling to the right or straight back or what ever. This is the nature of the lighter paddles.

For looping and rolling you will want to modify your pitch array to incorporate at least -2 levels in the low-end of the collective.

For sustained inverted with some increase-outside power you will want to correct the pitch array to at least -6 to 8 levels. This level of pitch array is among the limitations of the stock nexus.

If you haven’t already, you’re going to need to set up and idle-up on your texas so when you pull the collective completely down your engine doesn’t go to idle, but maintains a steady RPM throughout the pitch range.

The Futaba 6XH helicopter distant has a very limited idle-up accelerator setting. You may only place the minimum accelerator to as high as 50% which means you’ll never have over 50% engine electricity for inverted flight. This Really Is fine for loops and rolls merely, but should you wish to do more aerobatics like sustained inverted flight you will want another radio.

Your aim is to get as high as you possibly can so you comprehend how easy to be about the elevator in the very first part of the loop.

Remember to enter the loops using a higher forward rate, plenty of altitude and begin the loop gracefully so that you don’t kill your airspeed, as you reach the top of the loop your collective should be at about -2 degrees afterward draw a growing number of cyclic to go back to a right-aspect-up dive and grab while incorporating favourable collective. Never add negative collective till you’re at least around the peak of your loop or you also’ll discontinue all your forward motion and start flying upside down back. Should this happen, simply yank back on the elevator to follow through together with your loop. It will not be pretty, but you’ll come from it all the sam-e.

When practising aileron spins, try and time it so you have 0 pitch in the 90 degree bank and – 6 at total invert, and 0 again at 90 afterward back to what ever at level. If you’re used to airplanes and pull up prior to performing a spin you’ll free all your forward rate and get a helicopter flying correct-side up but back in the conclusion. I truly dive 5 or 10 levels before I roll to keep forward rate.


Put in a pirouette to the highest part of your loop.

In FFF, scale 45 levels, lender 90 levels with 0 collective and do fast pirouettes, then level off and come from it nose-down 4-5 degrees as it would naturally.

You switch favorable collective and backward elevator with negative collective and forward elevator back and forth so you do not loose any altitude The boom from the profile view resembles this motion: to | to / and straight back and forth.

A death spiral is when you go from a high hover to some 90 degree bank with 0 collective and 0 rate, subsequently give total forward or rear elevator just for so long as you’re able to. Correct any time by bank the opposite as you did to begin the bank. Should you wait too long the tail may not keep up and it’ll dive nose down. Be prepared!

The “moon walk” is when you go through the motions of a loop, but you make it seem stretched out so it’s not actually a loop anymore. Enter it as a regular loop, when your vertical from the 1/4 of the loop add bunches of negative so it maintains it’s forward momentum, keep the elevator constant the entire time. You are going to end up flying back inverted to get a second or 2, but keep holding the elevator. As it points right down begin adding in lots of favorable collective and level out.

The Split-S is a half loop and half spin. You’ll be able to select should you roll first or loop first. If you roll to inverted first you take out rightside up using a half loop. To obtain altitude, do a half loop to inverted, then roll to right side up.

Inverted automobile’s are done by hitting accelerator hold while inverted up high. You add positive collective to maintain rotor RPM so that as late as you can regain your RPM, you roll to rightside up and land in the final second.

Fly back, and do all the aerobatics you may do, back.

Strive doing big circles in front of you while rolling.

Strive doing big circles in front of you while pirouetting.

Strive doing exceptionally tight circles (10feet diameter at 75-degree bank) with near total collective.

Contest Flight

Pilot Proficiency Program (PPP): If you’re prepared to begin practising for aerobatic competitions by IRCHA, here are the routines you need to perfect.

FAI F3C Timetable: In case you’re a professional at hovering and precision control this is for you personally. It’s dull to look at, but impressive flying. F3C Schedule.

This post was brought to you by RC KIngdom. The remote and radio control helicopter specialists.

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